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Kham (Tibetan: ཁམས་, Wylie: khams; Chinese: ; pinyin: Kāng) is a historical region of Tibet covering a land area largely divided between present-day Tibet Autonomous Region and Sichuan, with smaller portions located within Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan provinces of China. During the Republic of China’s rule over mainland China (1911–1949), most of the region was administratively part of Hsikang (Chinese: 西康). It held the status of « special administrative district »[according to whom?] until 1939, when it became an official Chinese province. Its provincial status was nominal and without much cohesion, like most of China’s territory during the time of Japanese invasion and civil war. The natives of the Kham region are called Khampas (Tibetan: ཁམས་པ་, Wylie: khams pa).

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